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Environmental Management, Information Security and more...

MGX are delighted to have formed affiliations with a number of associate consultants to provide a broader range of services relating to environmental management and information security.

With ever increasing legislation and growing public awareness of environmental concerns it is vital that organisations approach their legal and ethical obligations towards the environment in an appropriate manner. Certification schemes such as ISO14001 are now well established, and a number of other related schemes have grown over recent years which can enable an organisation to meet its legal duties and corporate social responsibilities. MGX can facilitate any environmental management issues or projects via our associate consultants, who come with vast experience and knowledge in these areas.

We now live in the information age since the advent of the internet, boom in home computing, and now more recently the wide adoption of smart phone technology, information and connectivity are everywhere. As our lives become ever more connected in multiple ways to computer based information technology there is increasing concern that this information may be used or shared in a manner to which we had not subscribed to, and organisations and governments face hacking threats or data loss which could result in huge losses to these organisations and paralyse their operations. As a result the need for organisational information security management has become a prime focus for organisations globally, for security and to engender trust in society that interfaces with modern technology on a daily basis. Certification schemes in this area are now also well established, and being developed all the time as the information technology landscape changes continually. MGX can also facilitate robust information security management via our associate consultants, who again are recognised experts in this field.

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